Age of Reinvention: Campaign Chair

We were mightily impressed by the entries for the first instalment of our Age of Reinvention competition in collaboration with Pedlars. The first object to be reinvented was a Swiss Army groundsheet and designer Felix McCormack decided he would transform it into a chair inspired by utility, travel and the military

Felix says:

"Campaign chairs were designed with the purpose of being practical for travel. Historically it would have been a bespoke design made by a local cabinet maker for military campaigns. 

With this in mind I chose to use the Swiss Army groundsheet as the fabric for a bespoke campaign chair. The design enables it to be completely packed down and easily portable. The design uses the same concept as these simple seats whereby the weight of the person sitting provides the structure for chair, the heavier the person the stronger the chair will be. 

My design was inspired in part by the camping chairs I grew up with – chairs designed so you sit on the ground and the back rest is adjusted by straps. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable chairs. 

This was a fun project to think about, and despite it not being the winning idea, I think it's something I will make anyway!"

Felix McCormack is a designer and maker based in Cornwall. You can see more of his unique designs at

We will be announcing the second item on offer to be reinvented very soon – again, watch this space. #AgeofReinvention