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Explore Victorian 3-D visions of Hell, create miniature wild worlds from foraged moss and learn the extraordinary story of Lieutenant Colonel William Rankin who fell through a storm cloud and survived

Cover image: Justin Glynn

Cover image: Justin Glynn

Issue 5 of Ernest Journal...

  • Explores the extraordinary story of Lieutenant Colonel William Rankin who fell through a storm cloud
  • Shares Brian May's love for the Victorian 3-D art of diableries and their depictions of Hell
  • Meets the London couple experimenting with foraged moss to create miniature wild worlds.
  • Explores the austere and bleak, yet heroic and bold world of Brutalism – Britain's most divisive architecture
  • Meets a Whitstable native with a historic collection of antique diving helmets
  • Embarks on a cycling and bodysurfing microadventure on the tip of Cornwall
  • Tells the story of Hugh Glass: pirate, trapper, tribesman and bear attack survivor
  • Unearths the history of Fair Isle 
  • Reveals what it's like to eat in pitch blackness
  • Combs the shoreline for edible seaweed and learns how to crack a lobster

iPad issue 5 of Ernest Journal is available to download now.