Age of Reinvention: maker's smock

When design-duo Francli submitted their design spec of how they'd transform a Swiss Army groundsheet for the first instalment of our Age of Reinvention competition in collaboration with Pedlars, we knew we were in for a treat...

Francli had this to say:

"The Swiss army groundsheet's original use was as a military Zeltbahn (shelter-half). This was a simple tent that served double duty as a poncho in the rain. 

The Zeltbahn's multi-functional and durable qualities are very relevant for an outdoor working environment. An item of clothing worn in and around the studio needs to be protective and functional in its environment.

In the spirit of a folding Zeltbahn, combined with our local workwear heritage, we have utilised the whole fabric to design a protective and insulative maker's smock. As you can see from the CAD designs there will be little to no waste from the 150cm x 150cm canvas."

Watch this space for updates and photos of Francli working their magic to create this maker's smock. You'll be able to see the finished item at The Good Life Experience on 18-20 September.

We will be announcing the second item on offer to be reinvented very soon – again, watch this space. #AgeofReinvention