Kit review: the new UNEEK sandal from KEEN

Created from two cords and a sole, KEEN have created what they call 'open air footwear', also known as the UNEEK sandal. We asked outdoor blogger Sian Lewis to put a pair to the test 

Outdoor footwear mavericks KEEN have created a rather different type of shoe and it’s very well named. The UNEEK is crafted from just two lengths of quick-drying paracord and a grippy rubber sole, making it a great companion on wild swims and rock-pooling excursions, but they look and feel the part for a stroll around the park, or a gander to the shops, too.

The two-cord design is pleasingly simple – one knots around your foot like a cage and the other draws the whole shoe tight, moulding to the shape of your foot. The adjustable fit and light, breathable materials might even trick you into feeling like you’re barefoot, while still providing plenty of support and structure. Just don’t tug the cords too tight, or you’ll end up with the ghosts of your stripy sandals imprinted on your feet.

Subtle the UNEEKs are not. They want the world to know that you are outdoorsy and different and probably know a lot about bungees and parachute cords. If you can stand strangers approaching you to discuss your interesting footwear and you love to suddenly plunge into water without warning, these could be your perfect summer kicks. 

Watch the video below for more about the invention of the UNEEK sandal - made without glue, stitches or seams, the design uses only two materials for the upper and is made to fit your feet perfectly.

UNEEK sandals, £89.99, For more about the story behind KEEN, read our Q&A in the Ernest directory.


Sian Lewis is online editor of Countryfile Magazine and an award-winning outdoor blogger at