Issue 3 has landed!

We're delighted to hear that print issue three is finally landing on our readers' doorsteps! Here's a look inside the latest edition...


As often happens with Ernest, various threads emerged as we teased the pages together. In our third edition, we take a journey into micro and macro worlds, explore our relationship with wilderness and celebrate eccentric invention.

  • The Wild Folk: delve into wild man mythology
  • Investigate the psychology of board games
  • Read the unbelievable tale of the man who fell through a storm cloud and lived
  • Brian May shares his love of Victorian diableries, tiny stereoscopic visions of hell
  • Unravel our response to Brutalism: Britain’s most divisive architecture
  • Meet the industrious botanists creating terrariums with their own micro climates
  • Seek out Iceland’s Huldufólk - the hidden people said to be waiting in an untameable landscape
  • Take a slow adventure to the Isles of Scilly, exploring low tide landscapes and abandoned villages, seeking out shipwreck tales and the lost city of Lyonesse
  • Meet the fellow bottling seaweed in a cliff top laboratory and bringing bathing machines back to Margate 
  • Unearth the origins Fair Isle knitwear
  • Retronaut Chris Wild explores the history of denim and the American Frontier
  • Enter the ramshackle workshop of Nik Ramage, eccentric inventor and mechanical sculptor
  • Cook a three course meal using hotel room appliances with Anarchist chef George Egg.
Issue 3
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