Inside the largest underground temple in the world

Ernest's contributing editor Dr Bramwell explores one of the most fascinating places on the planet: Damanhur, a 1000-strong community who have built the 8th wonder of the world deep inside the Italian Alps.

Introducing a new project from The Odditorium - our regular collaborator at Wilderness Festival, who also produce a cracking podcast exploring the fringes of culture. Odditorium TV is "a unique and genre-defying channel that combines the gritty documentary-style of Adam Curtis with Cyril Fletcher from That's Life."

In episode one, Dr Bramwell visits Damanhur, a 1000-strong community who secretly built The Temples of Humankind - an underground temple complex larger than St Paul's Cathedral. They've also invented a fully functioning time machine, taught plants to sing and they do their shopping in Atlantis.

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