Ernest + Odditorium at Wilderness Festival

Postal pranks, demonology, alpine time travellers, the hand of glory and more Tunnock's than we knew what to do with: read on for more about our collaboration with the Odditorium at Wilderness Festival 2014.

Now that we've cleaned the mud from between our toes, dried out our tent and had a jolly good kip, we wanted to share one of the real highlights of our summer – a collaboration with the Odditorium at Wilderness Festival. 

The Odditorium is a portal into the fringes of culture; its mavericks and pranksters, adventurers and occultists, graphic novelists and eroticists. Over three days of talks, we probed Nazi space legends, heard tales of the Church of the Subgenius, delved into the bewildering world of the KLF, sought out the hand of glory, rummaged through the history of postal pranks and were pushed out of our own tent by the vast number of people who turned up to see a talk about big willies.

Along the way, we met inspiring people, peddled copies of issue one, limited edition prints and tiny taxidermy owls and handed out tea and Tunnock's to a rather thirsty crowd.

Thank you to everyone who came along and shared the experience. If you missed us and this sort of thing floats your boat, be sure to look up the Catalyst Club in Brighton (where the Odditorium over-winters) and sign up to the Ernest newsletter for news on our upcoming events (rumours abound of a Bristol-based launch party for issue two).

We were also proud to partner up with Millican - makers of beautifully-crafted bags and accessories - to offer a bundle of goodies worth £300, including Matthew the Daypack, Joe the iPad cover, Ian the Camera Case, a two-year subscription to Ernest Journal, three limited edition sea monster prints and two rather curious card games. We're announcing the winner tomorrow so, if you entered, check your inbox!