Also known as ‘poor man’s bonsai’, kokedama translates as ‘moss ball’ and describes a ball of soil covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. A kokedama is a tiny hanging garden containing everything needed for a plant to grow. Lyndsey Haskell of What You Sow is your guide to how to make your own...

What you need

Potting compost
Clay mix
A sheet of moss
Clover seeds
A small plant

How to do it

1. Mix two thirds potting compost with one third clay mix.

2. Shake soil off the roots of your plant then use your clay- soil mix to create a ball around the roots. Carry on until the sphere is the size of a grapefruit.

3. Roll the ball in clover seeds then wrap the sheet of moss all around the ball, binding it with the twine.

4. Leave a length of twine to hang your kokedama in a warm, sunny spot.

5. Spray your kokedama with a plant mister at least twice a week. It will regularly shed moss so hang it over somewhere easy to sweep. Never hang it over a fancy carpet or rug.

Recommended plants

Evergreen climbers: ivy, jasmine, clematis
Houseplants: pothos, ferns, small philodendrons
Woody herbs: rosemary, thyme, sage
Succulents: sempervivum, echeveria, aeonium 

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