Age of Reinvention: a cooking set

For the second phase of our #AgeOfReinvention competition, in collaboration with Pedlars, we challenged readers to submit designs to reinvent a pair of reclaimed wooden fireplace sides. We were so impressed with this beautifully considered spec from Sophie at Grain & Knot. Challenge accepted.

Sophie Sellu of Grain & Knot had this to say:

"For centuries the fireplace has been the heart of the home – a source of heat, light, used for drying clothes, cooking on and telling stories around.

I plan to turn these reclaimed oak fireplace sides into a cooking set that can be displayed for all to see. The set will comprise of a cooking spoon, spatula, salad servers and four eating spoons, the ends of which will be charred to represent the start of their journey. Each spoon will be threaded onto a block with cord and be hung onto the rack, and will each have a specific home. The spoon display rack will retain some of he original features of the fireplace sides. 

The cooking set will be intended for everyday use, to make family recipes with and to be passed down through generations."

Watch this space for updates and photos of Sophie of Grain & Knot working her magic to whittle up this cookery set. You'll be able to see the finished item at The Good Life Experience on 18-20 September.

We will be announcing the third item on offer to be reinvented very soon – again, watch this space. #AgeofReinvention

Grain & Knot was born from a love of nature, exploration and the need for purpose in creation. It is beautifully tactile, fully functional kitchenware; each item made from locally gathered logs and reclaimed timber.