The Good Life Experience: 5 things not to miss

A day of axe-throwing, coffee brewing, dough-kneading, craft beer quaffing, whittling and having your moustache preened by the renowned Mr Natty: now that's what Ernest Journal calls a festival. We'll be touting our wares at The Good Life Experience in Flintshire this Saturday, so as well as dropping by to say hello to team Ernest, make sure you don't miss out on these awesome events...

The Good Life Experience, 20 September

The Good Life Experience, 20 September

Swimming the Llyns of Snowdonia
Vivienne Rickman-Poole and the Outdoor Swimming Society, 5pm, Great Outdoor Tent

Last year Vivienne embarked on a documentary journey to swim and explore all the Llyns in Snowdonia (around 250) and it was this journey that sparked inspiration and led to her featuring in the recent music video for Elbow's latest single Real Life (Angel). At The Good Life Experience Vivienne will be talking about her experiences and showcasing some of her photography. She will also talk about The Outdoor Swimming Society, of which she is a member along with 12,000 others. The society has helped catalyse a nationwide interest in wild swimming (incidentally, Ernest editor Jo's favourite hobby and the thing that gives her skin that attractive blue tinge).

Baking with fire
Tom Herbert and the Fabulous Baker Brothers, 4pm, Campfires

Forget Paul Hollywood's steely blue gaze and silver fox charm, Tom Herbert's your man for mastering the beguiling wonder that is dough. Tom is a fifth generation baker and one half of the Channel 4's Fabulous Baker Brothers, and is harbouring to 'do for bread what Rick Stein has done for fish'. We salute your tall ambitions, Tom. You can catch him at The Good Life Experience working his magic with bread, pizza dough and fire. You will be enthralled.

A time to whittle
Hatchet + Bear, 3pm, Great Outdoors Tent

We love these guys not only because they whittle, but they also happen to have one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts we've ever seen. Look at their spoons. Anyway, woodworker, woodsman and year-round shed dweller EJ Osbourne of Hatchet + Bear will be on hand to show you a thing or two about getting whittling down to a fine art. You will emerge smelling of sawdust. 

Cowboy adventures
James Greenwood, 4pm Great Outdoors Tent

Ernest loves an adventurer with a curious tale to tell. Enter James Greenwood, horseback rider and adventurer extraordinaire. James has ridden horses around the world, starting in Buenos Aries and travelling the length of South America, before moving on to Asia then crossing Europe. Along the way he escaped jail and enjoyed endless terrifying and enlightening adventures. His book No Gun Big Smile tells of his ride through South America, and at The Good Life Experience he'll be telling us more.

See out the festival with a bang
Paprika, 8.55pm, Music Marquee

We're talking foot stomping, hair-raising, nipple tingling, beer splashing, hugging strangers kind of music here. Hailing from Romania, Serbia and Britain, Paprika unite traditional Eastern European, Balkan, Gypsy and Classical music. The band have toured extensively across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and have featured at WOMAD festivals in the UK, Spain, Canary Islands and Abu Dhabi. Recently, the band has developed both its line-up and repertoire, focusing on bringing rare and lost traditional Balkan music back to life. You will emerge sweaty and jubilant. 

You can find out more about these events and the rest of the programme at The Good Life Experience. Team Ernest will be there, too, so please do drop by our stall and say hello. We're mighty friendly.