Ernest Journal is an award-winning bi-monthly digital magazine available on iPad. We run the best features in the following print edition, but the majority of the content is exclusive to our digital editions. Read on for more about each issue or download the app today.

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We're delighted to announce that Ernest Journal scooped Launch of the Year at the Digital Magazine Awards 2014. Here's what the judges had to say...

Ernest Journal is a brilliant example of why we need independent publishers innovating in the digital magazine market. There is no arguing with the quality of their editorial and their design, and they have a genuine relationship with their audience that goes well past the ‘ABC1 aspirational urbanisa’ tripe that bigger magazines put on their rate cards. Ernest Journal deserves to be lauded and backed by the industry. Buy a copy, digitally or in print, and see if you disagree.
— Alan Rutter,
Ernest Journal on iPad is a wonderfully-crafted digital publication - sublime typography, an elegant user experience - and best of all, engaging content beautifully illustrated with striking imagery. Can’t wait for more from the team...
— David Hicks,
I’m delighted that The Ernest Journal won 
the DMA’s launch of the year; it’s rare to find 
a new magazine working so well across print 
and digital. I really think they’ve struck the 
perfect balance with monthly iPad and bi-annual print editions. Much bigger outfits can learn 
a thing or two from Ernest.
— Peter Houston,
Editor Jo and art editor Tina (right) celebrating Launch of the Year win, alongside the teams behind Wired, GQ, Elle and Empire.

Editor Jo and art editor Tina (right) celebrating Launch of the Year win, alongside the teams behind Wired, GQ, Elle and Empire.

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Issue five of Ernest Journal…

  • Explores the extraordinary story of Lieutenant Colonel William Rankin who fell through a storm cloud
  • Shares Brian May's love for the Victorian 3-D art of diableries and their depictions of Hell
  • Meets the London couple experimenting with foraged moss to create miniature wild worlds.
  • Explores the austere and bleak, yet heroic and bold world of Brutalism – Britain's most divisive architecture
  • Meets a Whitstable native with a historic collection of antique diving helmets
  • Embarks on a cycling and bodysurfing microadventure on the tip of Cornwall
  • Tells the story of Hugh Glass: pirate, trapper, tribesman and bear attack survivor
  • Unearths the history of Fair Isle 
  • Reveals what it's like to eat in pitch blackness
  • Combs the shoreline for edible seaweed and learns how to crack a lobster

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Issue five of Ernest Journal…

  • Explores northern towns by way of historical alleyways, snickets, ginnels, jitties, gitties and shuts
  • Reveals how one man's ingenious craftsmanship and derring-do saved countless lives in the 16th century
  • Enters a room filled with 900 frozen brains
  • Searches for Britain's 3,000 deserted settlements – silent, empty and awaiting our return
  • Investigates the mysterious and macabre world of bone collecting
  • Follows a group of re-enactors as they pay tribute to the men who fought on Gold Beach, Normandy in 6 June 1944
  • Puts three types of shaving razors to the test
  • Explores the history of the humble duffle coat
  • Delves into historic tea rituals from around the world

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iPad issue 3 is ready to download!

Issue three of Ernest Journal…

  • Follows a battle of wills between an Irish giant and an anatomist
  • Reviews the best balms and salves for life in the outdoors
  • Enters the last oak tannery in Britain
  • Meets a belt maker using traditional tools
  • Journeys across paddies, mountains, jungles and sun-baked palms on the Ho Chi Minh trail
  • Investigates the dark history of porter
  • Marvels at everyday objects turned into extraordinary things
  • Steps inside the tiny houses of Canada’s west coast
  • Explores the incredible home of a most curious sculptor

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iPad issue 2 is ready to download!

Issue two of Ernest Journal...

  • Enters the world of Serbian super-scientist Nikola Tesla
  • Explores the history of the magnetic compass
  • Tells tales of sea monsters lurking in our northern seas
  • Meets a fourth generation crafter of bespoke shoes and bootmaker to the future king
  • Delves into the stories behind traditional panel beating tools
  • Follows an expedition across the heart of Iceland
  • Travels to a remote island in the Outer Hebrides where a traditional coastal way of life is fast disappearing
  • Drools over classic cycling kit
  • Joins the slow coffee movement
  • Teaches us how to catch, salt and smoke trout

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We're delighted to announce that issue one of Ernest Journal - the iPad edition - is on sale now via the App Store, where a wealth of curiosity and adventure awaits.

Issue one of Ernest Journal...

  • Delves into the 15th-century history of collective nouns
  • Investigates the singular case of Dr Tuesday Lobsang Rampa
  • Meets a community living in humble wooden homes on the edge of Dartmoor
  • Has a butchers inside a converted railway carriage in Dungeness
  • Interviews a replica bird egg maker inspired by Victorian natural history collections
  • Tells the stories behind old barbering tools
  • Follows The King’s Trail, a 400km route across Arctic Sweden
  • Treads in the fateful footsteps of Mawson, Mertz and Ninnis as they endure the worst of Antarctic journeys
  • Explores the history of that classic winter staple, the Aran sweater
  • Meets the sour beer brewers experimenting with wild yeasts, foraged ingredients and seasoned oak barrels
  • Embraces the tradition, science of sorcery of curing meat.