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It all started with a single photograph. A simple but perfect portrait of a friend wearing a classic wool knit jumper. Something about that image resonated. It seemed to encapsulate everything that is great about a beautifully crafted piece of knitwear – the memories, feelings, and associations it gathers through years of wear.

For a proper knitted jumper is more than just a garment. It’s the heritage and skill that go into its craft; the rugged feel of the fabric and landscape; the understated, unassuming elegance; the refined, functional simplicity.

Above all though, it’s the comfort of knowing it’s there to come home to or take on the road with you. The one thing in your wardrobe that you return to time and again.

Inspired, we began designing knitwear that captures this timeless quality for the modern gentleman. The kind of person who is sartorially aware, but never overcome by fashion.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary sense of style, we create pieces with character woven into the fabric yet whose story remains unwritten. Clothes to live in that wear with you.