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 Tell us a bit about Pedlars. 

We are a small company - there are about 10 of us - selling vintage and modern homewares, masses of stationery and stuff for the great outdoors. We make most of the modern stuff ourselves or source items on an exclusive basis from British companies. The vintage side of the business is a big one; we sell all sorts of vintage decorative and practical items, mainly from the US, France, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and India. We sell online and in our general store, which has a cafe (coffee by Allpress, bread from Balthazar Bakery) in Notting Hill, London. 

Give us a taster of the things you sell.  

Our own mugs, pencils and notebooks, prints, blankets, bags, bowls and posters. We carry a few classics, such as Duralex glasses. We also have an exclusive arrangement to sell some of Best Made Co’s amazing goods and a unique collaboration with Billingham bags.

Any particular favourites?

I want to buy one of each of the Pedlars + Billingham bags but there have been 28 different designs so far, so I can’t quite keep up. I’m very proud of our own pencil brand The Signet Range, too. 

What's important to you?

To make things properly and to try to support British and European manufacturing. To keep things small and friendly. And I am massively keen on great customer service, too. 

What inspires you? 

People! I work on instinct. If I meet someone and I like what they make then I can decide within seconds whether to work with them or not. I love happy customers, too. 

What's Pedlars Friday Vintage? 

We started this project just over two years ago and it was a hit from the word go. Every week - on Friday - we release a new batch of vintage online. It arrives in our warehouse, we photograph it and bingo, it’s online that week. We offer really good stuff at excellent prices and some people buy 20 or 30 times a year. We only market it via Instagram (@pedlarsfridayvintage), so it’s cheap and easy for us and cheap and easy for our customers. Some weeks we have 50 items, some weeks 20 or less.