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Who are you?

We’re Millican - the Keswick Bag Co.

What do you do?

We run our company in the Lake District, Cumbria - designing functional, sustainable bags for outdoor living and travel. We’re living our own dream in everything we do – and we’re on a mission to connect adventurous spirits with their world, their freedom and their own dreams too.

What do you sell?

Our daypacks, rucksacks, working bags and travel bags are designed for lifelong use - in the city, in the outdoors or on their way around the world. We use sustainable materials such as organic cotton canvas and recycled polyester, and we believe that great design is considered.

Why do we want you?

We believe that freedom is self-made, and that real adventure is a mindset. Our bags and accessories use careful, sustainable and considered craftsmanship to help our customers do their own thing with a sense of freedom, take a new look at their world and get more from it.

What inspires you?

Our namesake is a local Lake District legend, Millican Dalton. In the 1900s, he left a convention life in the City to live simply in a cave in Borrowdale, where he found all that he needed (apart from decent coffee) in nature. Now, we’re not living in a cave and neither are many of our customers – but we continue to be inspired by adventurous spirits who insist on themselves, hone their own skills and live out their dreams.