Tell us about WitShop. Who are you and what do you do?

We are Jakob and Freya, a couple who met while studying furniture design in Leeds. We are now Brighton based and concentrate our efforts on building the WitShop brand with our design-led stationery and gifts. 


Give us a taster of what you sell. Any particular favourites?

Our designs often feature just a few simple materials and processes with an emphasis on printing techniques, such as letterpress, risograph and lithography. This use of simple aesthetics, transparency of materials and construction together with the use of recycled papers and bold printing make our products rich in both style and texture. 

A few of our favourite items include the letterpress Spirograph Sketchpads, which are beautifully debossed with silver ink against a recycled grey card, and our A3 prints of fish, veg and farm animals use the unusual process of risograph printing, creating bold and tactile wall art.


What's important to you?

As designers we love the process involved in making our items and we work closely with our printers and manufacturers. We also like to share this information with our customers and so our products will often inform on where they are made and what materials have been used.

We feel strongly about keeping manufacturing within the UK and try to keep our carbon footprint low by using recycled papers wherever possible and sourcing materials locally.


What inspires you?

Inspiration seeps in from everything in our daily lives. But a particularly common influence is materials and material combination, such as cork with its beautiful colour and grain and how it looks alongside other materials like leather on our Hanging Organiser or with crisp white paper on the Pinboard Calendar.


Any exciting plans for 2015?

Our 2015 plans are to increase our range particularly the recipe notecard sets and prints which are very popular. We also aim to grow the website and build on our customer base. 


Anything else you want to tell us?

Worth noting is our design service. We are currently working on developing this side of our business and we are creating designs/collaborations with other companies and individuals. We are 3D designers at heart and have a keen sense for considered, pleasing and ultimately saleable products, which range from cards to small gifts, homewares and ceramics. If you have a promotional campaign, wedding etc that you would like us to quote for then please get in touch - jake@witshop.co.uk.