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So, tell us a bit about Wax & Stamp. What's it all about?

Wax & Stamp is a curated music subscription that sends two new records to its customers each month. One of those is picked by us (Josh and Luke), and the other is chosen by a different guest selector. That selector could be a DJ, a singer-songwriter, a music critic or anyone else who loves music. Our selections end up being quite varied and outside of what you might usually hear. 

Who should we be listening to right now?

Luke and I have pretty different tastes, which works out pretty well (and our customers have said so, too). Here are a few artists we think you should be checking out this year - 

Josh: Ptaki, Henry Wu, and Seven Davis Jr. 

Luke: RAT BOY, Dizraeli, Clean Cut Kid.

What's important to you? And what inspires you?

Josh: People who are passionate about what they do and really push themselves in whatever that is, whether they're a musician, a writer or a startup founder. 

Luke: Giving things a go no matter how foolish, ill advised or bizarre it may seem. If I didn’t keep saying 'yes' I wouldn’t be doing any of what I’m doing at the moment. Similarly, people who just don’t give a toss about what people think inspire me. People who just think ‘I don’t care. I want to do this, so I will’.

Go on, tell us what song or musician is your guilty pleasure?

Josh: Taylor Swift. Though she's not that guilty as she's topped my end of year poll lists for the past three years running. 1989 was in my mind – 2014's album of the year.

Luke: I own all of Hanson’s albums. I’ve even seen them live doing an exclusive acoustic show. Regardless of what the haters say, they’re actually great musicians and talented pop song writers.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Josh: My favourite sign up we got was from someone who told us that the reason they decided to take the plunge and try us out was because of our footer on the website. My placeholder when we were building the site was "We haven't legally copyrighted anything, and Josh doesn't technically believe in Intellectual Property Rights but we felt this should go here." When it got time to launch we kind of forgot about the placeholder and then realised it should stay anyway.

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