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What do you do?

At Walker Slater, we design and create refined clothing for the style conscious individual. We make outfits for people who appreciate timeless styles more than the current trend.

What do you sell?

We focus on tweed in all its guises. With this most honest of cloths, we make everything from suits and overcoats, to skirts and scarves. The product range encompasses bags and luggage, headwear, home accessories and children's clothing. Collaborations with local craft specialists has produced other items like our popular tweed teddies.

What is the Walker Slater style?

Never fashion, always timeless. We rework traditional ideas into modern attire, adding a twist to formal elegance for both men and women.

What’s important to you?

Quality, authenticity and timeless style. We favour local, Scottish cloths and make good use of contrasting details to exploit the glorious, often hidden, colours of the fabrics.

Any key pieces?

The gentlemen's three-piece tweed suit is synonymous with the brand, and the Edward cut is our most popular style. For ladies we have the eye-catching Emma jacket with its curved front, and our feminine Grace tailcoat. Seasonal tweed selections ensures there is always something new to catch your eye.

What's coming up in 2014?

Partnering with Harris Tweed and The Ryder Cup – this year promises to bring a great deal of innovation and inspiration.