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Tell us about The White T-Shirt Co. Who are you and what do you do?

Based in north east England, The White T-Shirt Co was founded following a personal quest to find the elusive ‘perfect white t-shirt’. 

The White T-Shirt Co only use GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified organic cotton, so our tees are exceptionally soft and comfortable. And we only use extra long staple organic cotton, which is finely knitted to give it a smooth touch and exceptional durability.

We do one thing but we do it well. Classic tees made without compromise to quality, style or ethics.


What's important to you?

Sustainability is right at the heart of what we do, which is why all our tees come with an ethical and quality promise.

We know our tees are great wardrobe staples but they are also an investment in more responsible manufacture and production. We have partnered with Danish Green Cotton whose founder, Leif Nørgaard, was one of the original pioneers in sustainability and in fact Novotex were the first company in the world to launch organic cotton as a viable clothing option.

This partnership means that each tee is monitored for its environmental and social impact and that’s important to us. The journey of your tees can be traced through our website.


What is it about the white cotton t-shirt that makes it a timeless classic?

With its origins in utilitarian wear the classic white t-shirt transcends fashion and changing eras. The white t-shirt is the iconic wardrobe staple, understated enough to go with anything and classic enough to let the rest of your wardrobe make the statements.

A classic white tee is the most versatile and hardworking piece of most people’s wardrobes – which is why it’s worth investing in quality!


Anything else you want to tell us?

Our tees are available in classic navy and black too – in both women’s and menswear!