Travelling Gin Co

Tell us about Travelling Gin Co – what do you do? 

The TGC is a pop-up drinks project, serving classic G&Ts and cocktails straight from the baskets of our bicycles. Established in 2012, we now have a growing fleet of bikes serving at a range of events including festivals, markets and weddings, and anywhere we can park up in the UK and abroad (license permitting of course).

What are the most exciting events you've worked at so far? 

One of our earliest events was in the summer of 2012 at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin for a two-week pop-up. It was such an exciting trip taking our concept to another country, especially due to the city’s great passion for cycling – and drinking! The hotel itself is such a wonderful location, too. That was when we knew we needed to take the idea on fully. Back in London, the Soho Food Feast was a great honour last summer – alongside the very best restaurants and bars in the land, as well as being a fantastic opportunity to help raise funds together for the central London school. We’re back again at SFF in June 2014.

What makes the Travelling Gin Co experience unique? 

We’re pretty sure we’re the only spirit optic mounted, bicycle gin bar out there! For events in London we cycle the whole way to/from with our supplies and the operation requires no electricity/power for service. We like to use a range of homemade products – cordials, syrups etc, to create unusual but delicious beverages and the beauty is our bar comes to you, rather than the other way around!

What is important to you?

Keeping all aspects to a very high standard, but keeping things simple too. As well as creating our own range of products (our very own Tonic Water – coming soon in 2014), we have a huge emphasis on using the very best ingredients and products available. We’re not high-end trained mixologists, particularly as extravagant cocktails can prove tricky to create from a bicycle basket, but we’re passionate about experimenting with flavours, to create new drinks that people have never sampled before. We stick to independent brands as well as making our own fresh, just moments before hitting the streets. Experimentation is important. It’s a great feeling when a brand new drink proves successful on our menu.