The Future Kept

Tell us a bit about The Future Kept.

We are Jeska and Dean Hearne, husband and wife, owners of two very mischievous cats and creators of The Future Kept. We're an online purveyor of well designed, durable, meticulously chosen goods for you to cherish and keep. Nestled on the south coast of England, we design and carefully source items from independent designers, makers, artisans and entrepreneurs who are creating products that are better for our world, becoming part of your life story and forming an intimacy between you and your belongings.

Give us a taster of some of the things you sell. Any particular favourites?

We provide quality goods with an honest provenance – items made to last that do not fuel the throw away nature of the modern world. If we had to choose just particular favourites, for him it would be our British-made pockets knives or leather camera straps, and for her either our collection of unique paper bags that are strong like leather and washable like a fabric or any one of the products from our natural earth-friendly beauty collections.

What's important to you?

We spend our time carefully seeking and developing products that fit a few simple criteria – they need to be durable, quality made with a simplistic, sustainable and ethical approach. Products that stand the test of time, that will age well, use the best materials and are not destined to end up in a land fill. We want to promote a lifestyle of appreciating and cherishing the items you choose to have in life, keeping them to pass down through generations and holding onto them for as long as possible.

What inspires you?

Creating and seeking beautifully considered, functional items for others to enjoy is our passion. We also strive to connect and form relationships with like minded people, from customers to makers alike. We are inspired daily by the wonderful and creative people that we meet through our store.

Any exciting plans for 2015?

Plenty of plans, but so little time! We hope to to expand our offering to include more of the inspiring products that we are finding daily, and slowly include a collection of our own exclusive items. We are working on plans to travel and offer more of an insight into the origins of the items we provide, and seek out fresh inspiration from the great outdoors.

Anything else you want to tell us?

At the time of writing this, our store has only been launched a matter of weeks but the constant that has remained in this short time is the overwhelming support, kindness and encouragement from everyone we have met in person and online. It goes to show that with enough belief and determination that anyone can turn a vision and a passion into a reality.