Simple Shape

Tell us a bit about Simple Shape.

Simple Shape is a collection of things from Great Britain & Ireland, founded in May 2015. We source and collect the best of British and Irish design – carefully-crafted things for the home that are designed and made on these shores by established craftspeople and emerging makers.

Give us a taster of some of your collection and the craftspeople you work with. 

The collection is gathered into logical sections – ceramics, glass, textiles, wood, paper, etc. The handblown glass is from BTU Studio in Belfast, we have ceramics from Leeds, Leicestershire and London, blankets designed by Eleanor Pritchard and woven in Wales, wooden boards handmade by Rosie Brewer in her garden workshop in Devon. We have the most incredible design talent in this country and a history of skilled making and craftsmanship – it made good sense to pull these talents together.

Do you have any particular favourites?

Aaagghh, impossible – I love everything in the collection!  One of the most important things I consider when I’m curating the collection is, 'Would I like to have it in my home?’ I do lust for swathes of woollen blankets when it’s dark in winter and rosé poured from our handblown glass jug and olives in our pastel ceramics in summer.

What's important to you? 

This one’s easy. I only want to work with good people, making good things.  It’s also really important to me that the things in the Simple Shape collection can live alongside the things you already own – pieces that will age gracefully. I like the idea that these are things that will follow you around and stay in your life.

What inspires you?

I get excited by all sorts of things – an exhibition, dance, something I’ve read, food, a deserted beach, all sorts. But, I think it’s people that inspire me most. I’m constantly amazed by people, often in very ordinary, unremarkable situations – chatting to strangers on buses, trains, taxis, in supermarkets, waiting in a queue – the most unexpected conversations can happen. People can be very candid when they’re talking to a stranger. I often walk away and find myself thinking, ‘Wow, what an incredible person.'  It makes me try harder.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

We have a lot of great plans for Simple Shape, it feels like trying to keep hold of a kite string. It’s going to be fun!