Bundle no.6 Issue 2 + Book of Untranslatable Words card game

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Bundle no.6 Issue 2 + Book of Untranslatable Words card game


Print issue two + a very limited edition Ernest card game.

The English language may be the lingua franca in many countries around the world, but we don’t have a succinct word for everything. What about the warm tingly glow you feel on your skin after swimming in cold water, the sense of satisfaction when you recognise a species and insomnia brought about by an excess of day dreaming? Challenge your opponents to invent the best word for each phrase in this limited edition card game thought up by the deadline-addled minds of team Ernest

How to play

The pack of cards moves around the group clockwise with each turn. When it is your go, read out the definition from the top card and challenge your fellow players to come up with the most appropriate word. Collect player’s suggestions on pieces of paper, then read them aloud. The group then chooses the best or funniest word and that player gets a point. Play continues until you have reached the allocated number of rounds and a winner is announced.

4 + players 

Please note this is a game for adults. If you want to play with little people, you might want to remove a couple of the cheekier cards.

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