Bundle no.5 Issue 2 + A Bluff of Collective Nouns card game

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Bundle no.5 Issue 2 + A Bluff of Collective Nouns card game


Print issue two + a very limited edition Ernest card game.

A whoop of gorillas, siege of herons, fist of starfish, drunkenship of cobblers and disappointment of donkeys. Everyone loves a good collective noun right? But which three of these are real? Challenge your opponents to decide if each collective noun is true or totally made up in this limited edition card game thought up by the deadline-addled minds of team Ernest

How to play

You can play this game as individuals or in small teams. The aim of the game is for players to determine if a collective noun is true or fabricated.

The pack of cards moves around the group clockwise with each turn. When it is your go, read out the collective noun from the top card and challenge your fellow players to decide
if it is real or not. Players can then quiz the reader about the origin of the term. This is your opportunity to spin a jolly convincing yarn (if the term is made-up) or fudge and stumble your way through explaining the real origin (if the term is real).

After each round, players announce their decision, the truth is revealed and triumphant teams get one point. Play passes on to the left.

4 + players 

Please note this is a game for adults. If you want to play with little people, you might want to remove a couple of the cheekier cards.

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