Tell us a bit about Risdon & Risdon. 

We are two generations bringing together our creative strengths and ideas. Mother and sons – Carla, Alex and James – we each have a clear design perspective. Alex is the leather worker with a natural talent for working raw materials into beautiful pieces. James is behind our branding, web design and is a part-time photographer. I have a background in textiles, sewing and making – mixed with a passion for traditional craftsmanship but a love of modern design. We all believe in quality that not only lasts but looks good.

What's so special about your aprons? 

Each piece we design is constructed and refined to be functional, durable and easy to wear. Our aprons – made with sturdy cotton canvas and classic denim – are fastened with adjustable leather straps that can be removed for washing. The aprons have a style and practicality like no other; the quality of the fabric, beauty of the leather and finish of the buckles, studs and clips are all of the highest of standards. The making process starts with an intense wash to give the fabric a worn in feel and finishes with our hand stamped tags - everything is thought through.

What's important to you and what inspires you?

Our customers are the most important part of our business. When thinking about our aprons we first of all think about who we are making them for and why - are they up to the job, comfortable to wear, are the pockets in the right place. Our customers share the high standard we put on ourselves, so we want every detail to reflect good workmanship and quality. We are inspired by the tradition of the apron but also how our customers use them - we have sold to cooks, barbers, baristas, artists, jewellery makers, olive growers.

Any exciting plans for 2016?

Yes, lots! We will be extending our range into full leather aprons, we are currently making a blacksmith's apron and have had a request for a specific style from a tattooist. The people who wear our aprons often have tools of their trade so we are designing chef knife rolls, craft tool rolls, tool belts and there will be bags....wonderful bags are being created right now!