Tell us about Pilgrim. Who are you and what do you do?

Pilgrim makes t-shirts celebrating the soulful side of cycling, for people on everyday adventures. Not everyone gets on their bike to push themselves to the limits of pain, or shave milliseconds off their record lap time. For me the best thing about cycling is adventuring, exploring...freedom! And the effort you put in makes you appreciate life's simple pleasures. 

What inspired you to launch Pilgrim?

I’ve always loved exploring on my bike, and I’ve always wanted to start a clothing brand. Nothing out there reflected the things I love about cycling lifestyle, and last summer, while (fittingly) riding across the Pyrenees, the idea for the brand started to take shape in my head.

Tell us more about your t-shirts.

For the first collection I've collaborated with three great illustrators - Alan Berry Rhys, Harriet Taylor Seed, and the legendary Mick Brownfield. Each collection will centre around designs by a lineup of the most exciting guest artists from around the globe.

I've sourced the best t-shirts on the market. They offer the finest quality and fit and are made from organic cotton. The manufacturing process is climate neutral - solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power. The t-shirts will be printed by hand in London using only water based, non-chemical inks.

What's important to you?

That everything is done to the highest possible standard, using the finest materials and working with the best craftspeople. I want to do things that create an emotional bond between product and owner and have a sense of timelessness.

What are your future plans?

Once the Kickstarter has finished I’ll be launching the Pilgrim website where the first collection will be available. I’m keen to get it into the real world, too, to start engaging with people on the Pilgrim wavelength so I’m planning to get a cargo trike that becomes a market stall!