The Original Metal Box Company

Tell us a bit about The Original Metal Box Company - what’s it all about?

The Original Metal Box Company (OMB) is a small British award-winning design company based in the Cotswolds. We produce beautiful, eye-catching metal boxes for use around the home and office and other fun and handy items, such as night lights and beer mats. The products are locally designed and produced with a touch of humour and lots of attention to detail. 

Do you have any favourites?

Well I have a few, including a small Pill Box which keeps my shaving kit to hand in the bathroom and a Safe Box for my keys and pocket junk by the door. I think my ultimate favourite is The Kong Box – I simply cannot resist rearranging the magnets each time I pass by it. 

What inspires you?

We create everyday useful items with a touch of humour behind every design. Often new products, like the Hoodie Post Box, are a response to a friend's comment that often starts, “Wouldn’t be great if…”’. Sometimes, it is terrific old concepts realised with a modern edge. Other times, it is simply great conversations that lead to another fun design ideas. 

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

OMB products suit a wide range of pockets, people and styles. They make the little useful things in life a bit more fun and attractive.