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Tell us a bit about The Pink Parrot's Co. Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a mother of two young children, usually very busy keeping those kiddiwinks in check throughout the day, but as evening draws in I hide all the toys, put down the cleaning utensils and become an artistic superhero! (At least that's how I picture myself in a rare, quiet minute). I paint resin stag heads to order, and thrive on crazy colour requests from my customers. I also do a few other decorative articles, but stag heads are definitely my signature creation by far.

Tell us more about your stag heads.

They're a new take on the Victorian hunting trophy. If you are looking for a very different wall hanging or decorative piece, then one of my stag heads can be both classic and whacky at the same time.

I'm currently producing colourful heads of medium size, which are good for smaller walls or to give the room a shot of colour, but I will also be stocking the large size again shortly, to hang nicely over a fireplace, on a feature wall or in your weekend log cabin!

Any particular favourites?

I have no favourite stag heads in my herd, but closest to that claim would probably be the 'Rainbow' stag. I do love all things colourful, and I feel it's important for everyone to have a living space they truly love. My stags can bring that special something, all colour-matched if requested, or something truly different.

What inspires you?

I started painting small stag heads for children's bedrooms, to add a wacky pieces of decoration to rooms normally overlooked in home makeovers. They were colourful friends to the little inhabitants and would look over them when they were sleeping. Then I realised that big people might like something a little different, too - and so it started! Some of my inspiration comes straight from funky ideas my customers confront me with, the rest is my imagination. I never tire of trying new combinations and designs.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

I would love to accommodate your stag design ideas, just get in contact. And watch out for my new large stag heads arriving soon!