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So, tell us a bit about Lissom & Muster – what do you do?

Lissom & Muster sources and commissions the very best, authentic products, skilfully made for life in our landscape. We sell them in our shop on Tib Lane in the centre of Manchester and online. 

What do you sell?

Timeless things, representative of long established manufacturing traditions rooted in their local context: Scottish knitwear; Lancashire Waxed Cotton coats; Northamptonshire boots and shoes; Cheshire silk weaving and printing; Welsh blankets;  Scandinavian thermal wear; Sheffield knifes and pewter; Yorkshire wool cloth weaving; Cumbrian bags and hornware, to name a few. Simple, beautiful, skilfully made products fit for their purpose; improved only by the patina of lifelong, cherished use. 

Any favourite items?

Every item we sell is carefully selected or commissioned, tested over time and – once it makes it onto our shelves – it tends to stay there until we find or make something better. In that sense we have an intimate relationship with all of them – they’re all favourites!  But we’re very pleased with our collaboration with Cherchbi – a collection of really beautiful, functional bags and leathergoods, skilfully made in Britain without compromise, from wonderful local materials. 

What are your goals?

To make the very best products we can imagine; to offer real expertise in what we sell and to serve our customers well. 

What inspires you?

The northern landscape and the simple, elegant solutions we have found to live and work in it.  Harris Tweed; Fair Isle and Shetland knitwear, Norwegian fisherman’s sweaters; English Goodyear Welted boots; Welsh tapestry blankets – these are functional things designed to keep us comfortable in bleak, rugged places.  But there’s a subtle, unadorned beauty about them – reflecting the colours and forms of the landscape that they were born out of and the natural resources we find there.