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Tell us a bit about Kinoko. Who are you and what do you do?

Kinoko is a web based select shop. We sell goods associated with cycling and outdoors culture as well as anything else that takes the interest of the staff or founder. We collaborate. We like design and photography. We have a deep appreciation for hand made products. We share and curate what we see and find as well as producing our own original photographs and stories.

Give us a taster of the things you sell. Any particular favourites?

So much really. Personally I’m really into Wild Things. The brand is originally from the USA but the range we are currently stocking comes from their Japanese collection, although some pieces are still made in the USA. The collection combines bold design with the kind of quality you would expect from a classic American alpine brand. Personally I wear a lot of their stuff, especially the reversible Primaloft jacket. For cycling products I’m a massive fan of Search & State. Their range is tiny but very well put together and everything is made in the USA. Very minimal. Very good quality. I wear their Scholler Riding Jacket constantly on and off the bike..

What's important to you?

Ultimately keeping our customers interested and excited.

What inspires you?

So many things. For me trips to Japan are a bottomless pit of inspiration. Japan is a boiling pot of global trends and sub cultures. I think travelling anywhere new and getting a new perspective can be massively inspiring.

What would be your ultimate cycling road trip?

Our team all get different kicks out of cycling. I take a trip out to the Alps every year with friends and enjoy a mix of good food and classic Tour de France climbs. Josh Greet who runs our brand Tokyo Fixed was the youngest person to complete the St Cols ride taking two weeks of 150-mile days and lots of mountains. Jess would love to go off the grid touring in Asia.

Anything else you want to tell us?

We will continue to seek out great brands next year as well as launch more original product and collaborations.