Tell us about Godspeed. Who are you and what do you do?

Godspeed is an online store that aims to cater for the style conscious bicycle lover. We source a curated brand selection from across the globe, showcasing products from designers and makers who adore the trusty bicycle as much as we do. The goods we sell are superior in quality, often handmade and always functional in their design.

We are also lucky enough to work alongside some fantastic illustrative talent and have recently launched a mini collection of greetings cards and prints. Our world is pivotal around the bicycle and the fantastic culture with which it travels hand in hand.  

What is so special about your products?

We aim to providing our customers with the finest accessories to adorn their trusty steed; to remind them to enjoy those two wheels each and every day of the week.

What inspires you?

The outside. Adventure. Exercise. Creativity. Invention. Design. Conversation. The Seasons. Illustration. Simplicity. The Coast. Anecdotes. A challenge. Colour. Most things!

Where would you most like to cycle in the world?

I'd love to try the North Sea Cycle route. It takes you from North Scotland, across to the Hook of Holland, along the coast to Denmark, over to Sweden and round the Norwegian coastline to Bergen, before returning to Britain via Orkney and Shetland. That trip with a group of friends, lots of coffee and a Bronica - Bring it on!