Gentleman's Valet Company


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So, tell us about Gentleman's Valet Company. What do you do?

We make the finest gentleman's valets in the world. Very modest of us I know, but I haven't found anyone else who makes them as their main creative focus and we love designing and making such a personal piece of furniture. 

We make a small range which is constantly growing and changing as we listen to the needs of our bespoke clients and work on new ideas ourselves. 

What inspires you?

 We're making a luxury item, almost completely handmade. Our biggest influences are the likes of the bespoke tailors of Savile Row, Hermes and interior design and architecture where the highest standards of craft and luxury are the most important consideration. 

What's important to you?

Maintaining the working standards we had as bespoke cabinetmakers. We don't work like a factory, either in numbers or methods. We like things to feel handmade but aiming for perfection.

Any sartorial tips?

I wouldn't dare, I'd love to live a bespoke suit lifestyle but I actually spend most of my day covered in wood dust.