Gallant & Klein

So, tell us about Gallant & Klein. What do you do?

We are an independent online store that aims to bring back the simple pleasure of shaving. Many men have forgotten that shaving is such a dignified and sophisticated ritual. One that takes up to 32 days in a man's life. Why not make these 32 days exquisite? Why not enjoy this time, spent by yourself, using great products that deliver amazing shaves and, to be honest, a bit of well deserved pampering?

What do you sell?

We sell traditional shaving gear from double edge razors to shaving brushes, razor blades, shaving scuttles as well as after shaves, pre-shaving products and shaving soap. We also stock a wide range of outstanding artisan products from across the world.

What inspires you?

We are inspired by from well-crafted objects, good, honest magazines like Ernest, street style and our very loyal customers.

What's important to you?

It's good to have solid values when starting a business. And we stand by ours in everything that we do. We value excellent customer service, quality products and manners. Because manners maketh man.

A top grooming tip?

The most important grooming tip of all and the best thing you can do for your face and your self confidence: get rid of your cartridge razor and canned foam. Take your time with shaving and do not underestimate the power of good shaving prep.