Drws y Coed


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So, tell us a bit about the Drws y Coed. What's it all about?

I was brought up next to beautiful woodlands, and I wanted to create products that recreated woodland light effects. So I went on an adventure in making; seeing how I could source small-scale local production right here in Wales. The joy of digital production is that there are no minimum quantities and work can be made to order.

Tell us about your lamps – what's so special about them?

I love dappled woodland light and these lamps create a bit of that dappled-ness in people’s living spaces.  I also love the cosy glow created when combining wood and light – it reminds me of firelight and creates relaxing and cosy evening lighting. I’m going for what feels good!

The lamps are designed to fit onto one sheet of ply with minimum wastage. The cut-out of the lamp top section is a coaster; the cable entry point becomes a cabin magnet. I’m making a product that can be made locally to order and as part of a virtuous loop of production.

What's important to you?       

Creating beautiful things, in positive production loops. Making things in Wales feels good – I think we have a lot of potential to get things right in this beautiful place.

Describe your perfect cabin in the woods.

My perfect cabin would be just peeping out of the canopy with a full view of the sky and stars. It would have a platform out front for sitting in the mornings and evenings. Some walls would be perforated just like my lamps to allow in dappled light and have well-positioned apertures to frame the best views. Inside there'd be a good collection of books and cushions. There would also be a large circular skylight for stargazing and a small wood burner in case in got nippy.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Drws y Coed means 'door to the woods' in Welsh.  I chose it as it relates to the light qualities I want to create, but also because I have a dream of re-cloaking Wales in its native woodlands!