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Tell us a bit about Cravat Club. Who are you and what do you do?

We are an emerging online store that specialises in jacquard woven silk and printed silk day cravats and pocket squares, which are exclusively woven, printed and made here in England, for the well-dressed and fashion-conscious chap. As an avid fan of cravats, my business partner Julian came up with the idea, and myself, who deals with the design and marketing side, saw a potential to bring back the cravat into men’s fashion with a more contemporary and fresh feel.

What inspires you?

In recent years, it seems men are becoming more interested in their appearance with various accessories such as the bow tie, boutonniere and pocket square permeating the market, which is a truly positive thing to see, especially here in Britain. It’s always nice to see a well-dressed man, and one movement that appears to be growing ferociously is the ‘Neo-Dandy’ or ‘Dapper’ gentleman. We believe cravats are on the cards to be the next big trend, as they are the perfect accessory to complete an outfit for the sartorial chap, with the positive notes of bearing comfort and style at the same time.

What's important to you?

Quality is paramount to us. Every stage of production here in England is carefully monitored as ‘Great British Quality’ is a key component to the Cravat Club brand. We believe manufacturing in Britain is a strong indication of quality, craftsmanship and heritage, and this is reflected in the calibre of our silk products.  

What's your top tip for wearing a cravat?

Wear it with conviction! A day cravat isn’t as wide-spread as say a necktie, so for gentlemen who haven’t delved into wearing a cravat before, require a certain amount of confidence in order to do so. So the top tip would be to ‘get to know’ your cravat and feel comfortable wearing it. You don’t have to make a huge statement wearing it; be as subtle or as bold as you like by positioning the cravat slightly lower or higher around your neck. The good thing about a cravat is you can show as little or as much as you like, and not just with a conventional shirt either. Try a polo shirt, or wearing it tucked inside a waistcoat or slim fitting jacket. Once you find what suits you, you will be brimming with bravado.