#JourneyOn with Millican

Travel can help us find new perspectives and encourage us to connect with ourselves and our surrounding environment. That is why our friends at Millican have launched their #JourneyOn campaign - encouraging others to share that one special photo that encapsulates the joy of journeys

Millican's #JourneyOn competition celebrates memorable journeys from our past, which inspire our future travels.

For your chance to win a Fraser the Rucksack (worth £125), simply share a single image from your most meaningful journey to date, tell us where it was and what travel plans it has inspired for your 2016 or beyond.

To enter the #JourneyOn competition follow these simple steps:

• Upload your chosen image to your own Instagram OR to the Millican Facebook page (you will have to add them on Facebook in order to post to their wall).
• In the image description explain in a few lines where your photo was taken and where it has inspired you to travel to in the future.
• Make sure to tag #JourneyOn and @homeofmillican in the image description so they can register your entry. (If you enter via Instagram you will have to add them in order to tag them correctly).

The competition will close on the 1st February 2016 – Millican will pick their favourite entry on 5 February 2016 and announce the winner across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here are some examples of #JourneyOn entries from the Millican and Ernest team:

Millican co-founder Jorrit’s #JourneyOn story: I was fortunate enough to visit the land of the Rising Sun last year – Japan. I learnt to leave the map behind and to just wander, which delivers a completely different experience. I’ve set my sights on discovering some of Vietnam’s heartbeat this coming year, making the most of however many hours or days I can fit in around the next Millican journey – micro adventures at their best. #JourneyOn @homeofmillican

Millican co-founder Nicky’s #JourneyOn story: South America, 1993. I learnt to follow the road less travelled, travel with less and to be open to opportunities. I still compare prices of everyday objects with the cost of a trip – and I still have Patagonia and Costa Rica on my bucket list too. #JourneyOn @homeofmillican

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.41.20 AM.png

Millican creative director Jeffrey’s #JourneyOn story: Hemsedal, Norway, 2015. Traveling through Norway was like tuning into a frequency that I'd never felt before - it has become my continual quest to stay tuned into that feeling: Japan, Alaska, Iceland, wherever the waves resonate. #JourneyOn @homeofmillican


Ernest editor Jo's #JourneyOn story: Last year, I went to British Columbia to research our 24-page guide to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands (coming up in issue five). We hiked to Radar Beach near Tofino, following a ragged path through rainforest to a deserted beach, using tree roots and ropes to climb back up. The trip marked an important shift - after 18 months of working tirelessly to set up the magazine, commissioning adventurous features from my desk, I finally allowed myself a big trip. It was a reminder of why it’s important to practice what you preach and live your own adventures. #JourneyOn @homeofmillican

Ernest features editor Abi's #JourneyOn story: Last August, I spent a week in Greenland – a strange and distant land I never imagined I'd get ever to visit. It’s hard to sum up my experience in a few sentences, but this photo brings it all back. This was taken on Uunartoq Island on the southern tip of the vast country. That’s me in the corner, bathing in waters at 38C, watching icebergs drift by, backdropped by one the of most stunning mountain ranges I had ever seen. The trip inspired me to explore places I'd never usually consider, and to slow down - to try not to experience too much too fast. #JourneyOn @homeofmillican