Portrait of a sound design artist

In a remote Welsh valley there is a man beating an old bathtub, strumming a garden rake and demolishing an oven with a pickaxe. Film maker Josh Bennett of Storm + Shelter meets sound design artist Ali Lacey 

Early October. I’m standing on the side of a grassy hill, surrounded by ominous mountains and thick, grey fog. Below me, two skinny figures drag a bathtub into a wooden shed. One of them picks up a mallet while the other closes the rickety door behind them. For the next hour, immensely loud bangs, thuds and crashes echo through the desolate valley. Welcome to the eccentric world of sound design.

Watch Josh Bennett's film on the work of Ali Lacey. Read the full story in issue 4 of Ernest Journal.

Directed, shot and edited by Josh Bennett
Music and Sound Design by Ali Lacey 
Filmed at Stylee Studios in Snowdonia National Park
Produced by Storm+Shelter

Josh Bennett is a film maker and director. He is one of those creative guys that waves his hands around a lot when he talks.

He's co-founder of Cardiff-based production company Storm + Shelter.