Introducing Tux & Tabby

Nordic-inspired toys, umami treats and other considered accessories for the discerning feline

Blizzard Feather Balls,  £4.50 each

Blizzard Feather Balls, £4.50 each

So, tell us a bit about Tux and Tabby. What's it all about?

We design beautifully styled, contemporary toys, accessories and treats for the modern cat and design-conscious owner. Our goal is for our products to become a feature of the room and a signature of the cat’s presence, rather than an unsightly embarrassment to be tidied up.

Working closely with local suppliers, we source the highest quality materials, such as wool from British rare breeds and natural pheasant feathers. We use these individual components to craft each item by hand which means that every toy and accessory is unique and always one of a kind.

Give us a taster of some of the things you sell.

We sell a range of considered products for the discerning feline, made for both life and play. Some favourites include a curated collection of toys and treats inspired by contemporary Nordic design to sympathise with the modern interior; a ball hand-felted from undyed rare-breed British wool and fletched with natural pheasant feathers; and Bonito flakes, paper-thin tuna fish treats with an intense umami flavour.

What's important to you?

Beauty, simplicity and uncompromising quality. 

Our focus is on the interplay between cats, their owners and the home, so we aim to design elegantly simple products for felines that complement contemporary spaces.

We also stand strongly behind our ethos of small-batch craftsmanship. This allows us to ensure exacting standards are met every time a product leaves our studio.

If you were a cat for the day (or night!), where would be the first place you'd go?

Without a doubt, our first stop would be a gallery or museum. Probably the British Museum in London, or the Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki. We’d love to be able to prowl around at night when everyone else has gone home.

Anything else you want to tell us?

By focusing on the quality of craftsmanship and materials, we’re looking to redefine what has come to be viewed by many as the traditional model for cat products – generic, brightly coloured and mass produced toys and treats.

To this end, we’re hard at work and are in the process of developing some fantastic new products, which will launch soon.

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