A roll-down pack for climbers, cyclists and hikers

There's something about a roll-down pack that Ernest finds irresistible. Maybe it's the way you can change the litre capacity, just by expanding or rolling down the top like a coffee bag? Maybe it's the way they they fit snugly around your shoulders and back, ensuring a comfortable climb, cycle or hike? Or maybe it's because they look so ruddy awesome?

Kinoko have a keen eye for products that are comfortable and functional, yet have a uniquely beautiful aesthetic. This can definitely be said of their new roll-down pack from Organic Climbing, handmade in the USA. It was designed to meet the demands of climbers, cyclists and hikers who wanted a bag they could take out in all seasons and adjust the size to their needs. The bag features:

- Durable ballistic nylon shell, hand-stitched with the same heavy-duty stitching used for making bouldering mats
- External daisy chains for clipping on extra gear, or bike lights if you're cycling
- Ergonomic shoulder straps, ideal for cyclists and climbers
- Adjustable sternum belt and hip belt for stability while adventuring
- Large internal stash pocket for your phone and other precious bits
- Bright yellow lining for better visibility when rummaging around inside the bag

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