A guide to classic hats: the fedora

Allon Zloof, founder of London hat maker Tom Smarte, is your guide to choosing the perfect hat to suit your face shape and complement any ensemble. This time it's Indiana Jones' signature headpiece – the fedora

Fur and merino felt Fedora, £250  Photo: Hanson Leatherby

Fur and merino felt Fedora, £250 Photo: Hanson Leatherby

The word 'fedora' comes from the title of an 1882 play by Victorien Sardou, whose work popularised this style of hat when it was worn by the cross-dressing lead actress Sarah Bernhardt.The hat evolved from the very formal homburg style and became popular in the 1920s. A fedora is characterised by having a wide brim, 5-6cm, snapped down at the front and a pinched crown. It is usually made from felt as a winter hat, or from Panama straw as a summer option.

Who it suits

The fedora is very easy to wear and suits most faces, except for those with a short face shape.You should think of a hat as a way to provide symmetry and balance to your face – if the length between your eyebrows and chin is on the short side, a fedora would look too top heavy.

How to wear it

Always place a fedora from the front of your head to the back and adjust with a very slight tilt to the side. Pair a felt fedora with a trench coat, tailored suit or leather jacket (think Indiana Jones) or a Panama fedora with slim fit chinos or tailored shorts and a linen shirt.

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