Pictures of the floating world

Traditional scenes of Japanese life and culture, captured in silk. Yes, we rather like these new pocket squares from Cravat Club, hand-crafted in Britain

Uyiko-e means 'pictures of the floating world' in Japanese. The traditional art form consists of woodblock prints and paintings usually depicting beautiful women, landscapes and scenes from history and folklore.

Cravat Club founder Jenny Meguro has strong connections to Japan: "I lived in the country for five years, and I have a Japanese husband. I love the traditional art of Ukiyo-e and I thought it would work really well printed on silk pocket squares.

"Instead of being a repeat pattern on a pocket square, they're more aesthetically pleasing as a whole picture, and you can show different parts of the design and colours of the square each time you fold it and put it in your blazer or waistcoat pocket."

There are three Ukiyo-e designs to choose from: Maiko, Koi Carp and Mount Fuji, each of which come in a choice of colours. They were designed by London-based Japanese artist Yusuke Aoki. Find out more about the collection here.

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