The craft apron: butchery

7th Rise set a simple brief: a comfortable, durable and wipeable butchery apron, with a heritage aesthetic. Francli knew what to do

Together, as part of Francli's Live Projects, Francli and 7th Rise – off-grid outdoor adventure and wild food specialists – have created a multi-functional butchery apron, hard-wearing enough for when gutting, skinning and filleting meat and fish. It needed to be comfortable and versatile to lend protection for other activities such as wood chopping and indoor cooking.

Francli had this to say about their work:

"Our Live Projects are purely explorative and collaborative works fuelled by our fascination and respect for other creatives and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Each project works closely with a creative professional to make bespoke workwear for their chosen craft. This collaborative process of designing, sampling, testing and developing such specific pieces gives us the opportunity to expand our design knowledge and skills. These projects keep us constantly challenged and inspired so that we stay creatively fresh for other areas of our brand, such as our studio design service and craft-wear shop."

The Francli studio is made up of purely explorative, creative and collaborative projects fuelled by their fascination and respect for other creatives and outdoor enthusiasts.