A doodle on the wild side

A book that feels like bark, tree-friendly pencils and a journal bound with 19th century botanical charts: this stationery elevates Ernest to new levels of giddiness

1. Tree Friendly Pencils, £4.50

A pencil that claims to be ‘tree friendly’? And quite rightly so. These are made from 100% recycled paper and with their tree-like appearance it’s hoped that each time you use one, you are reminded of how vitally we need our forests.

2. The Art of Instruction Journal, £10.99

We love this sumptuous hardcover journal with vintage botanical charts on the front and back cover, and nine more charts interspersed throughout the pages. These charts were originally illustrated in the late 1800s then updated in the 1950s by German educational arts company Hagemann.

3. Index Sticker Set, £7.95

Keep tabs on your favourite recipes, inspiring quotes or places to explore with these index stickers that come in a choice of leaves or insects. There are three different sizes of sticker with 20 of each design. Happy sticking.

4. Mammalia Wild Animal Pencils, £2.95 each

Kids and grown ups alone will be queuing up to doodle (or create a miniature puppet show) with this collection of mammal themed pencils carved out of bass wood. Available in elephant, bear, lion, tiger, zebra and giraffe. 

5. Tiger Eraser, £8.95

Erasing those unworthy pencil lines just got a whole lot more fun with this colour popping orange tiger eraser. There’s a whole zoo of them available too, from gorillas and rhinos to polar bears.

6. Large Woodpecker Notebook, £10.50

We think this wood effect notebook, of which the covers look and feel like real bark, is rather splendid. We want to hold it, caress it and weep joyfully.  Comes in a variety of bark; ginko, white birch, platanus, pine and white oak.

We curated these nature-themed stationery items from our Directory member Eastern Biological.

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