The Section Collective

Simple fix-less assembly, inspiration from a utilitarian scheme in the Second World War and a handy rut for keeping your loose change in – it's furniture like this that turns Ernest's head

Dan Marc is a new furniture maker on the northwest scene, dazzling all who see his debut collection The Section Collective. Well, it certainly caught Ernest's eye.

He's created four signature table pieces: an occasional table, sideboard table, coffee table and study desk – all with a folded steel surface atop hand-dyed birch plywood. And it's completely fix-less assembly – no fiddly bolts or rivets and re-reading of flatpack instructions at least 12 times.

 The collection takes inspiration from the British utility furniture scheme during the Second World War, while also revealing a mid-century aesthetic. 

We especially like the steel ruts along the tables' surface. Very handy for keys, loose change and Werther's Originals.

You can find out more about Dan Marc's debut collection at Made In These Isles.

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