Christmas Gift Guide: Botanical

Geometric planters, brass misters and minuscule succulents – we've curated the perfect gifts for indoor gardener chums

1. Euclid Triangle Glass Wall Mount, Moonko, £75
Simple yet striking display case for your potted plants and cacti.

2. Leila concrete planter, Concrete Jungles, £20
Geometric concrete planter with a drainage hole - handmade in Norfolk.

3. Mini cacti, In With The Old, £2.95
Teeny weeny cactus that comes in its own little terracotta pot. 

4. Copper and Glass Divider Box, Moonko, £22.95
Plant a trio of cacti in this elegant divider box made from 100% recycled glass.

5. Ionantha Mexico Air Plant, Moonko, £7.20
Perfect for a beginner house gardener or experienced plant keeper. Produces a small purple flower.

6. Brass plant mister, What You Sow, £14.95
Pretty 300ml plant mister, perfect for raising humidity around terrariums, orchids and ferns. 

7. Essence + Alchemy ‘Hibernate’ Botanical Candle, Kindred & Kind, £12
Lemongrass, chamomile, lavender and rosewood candle in amber glass with a wooden wick. 

8. Single Terrarium, Eastern Biological, £12
Glass container idea for one succulent or air plant, or rocks with live moss on top. 

We've curated these gifts from our Directory members: a delectable troupe of independent brands and makers producing thoughtful and well-made things for your everyday adventures.