Picture yourself strolling down the beach to be confronted by what can only be described as a blob the size of a small car. It’s a lifeless, featureless mass of, well, God knows what, but it’s certainly not a figment of your imagination. These peculiar entities are what’s known as globsters.

From the few remaining pieces of photographic evidence of globsters you could say that they all looked alike. Written accounts by witnesses, however, vary wildly from tusks to tentacles and even bioluminescent bristles.

These great heaps were often purported to be fantastical beasts but more often than not, a team of scientists would come on the scene and prove that they were, in fact, parts of a decomposing whale carcass. However, this can’t be said for all globsters.

In a minority of cases things started to get a bit odd, with photographs, reports and even the blobs themselves going missing. Some cases to this day, remain a mystery. Whether they were an undiscovered species of marine life, a creature from another solar system or just a stinking great hunk of a dead whale, no one knows, and perhaps never will. 

Words: Lewis Coupland

This was taken from print issue 2 of Ernest Journalon sale now.