The art of mismatching

Jennifer Meguro of Cravat Club believes the colours and patterns of a cravat and pocket square ensemble should be the sartorial equivalent of chalk and cheese

As a general rule of thumb, just like with neckties, you should avoid matching pocket squares with cravats. It looks far more sartorially elegant and sparks more interest if you opt for contrasting patterns, colours and textures for your outfit.

For example, pictured above, this Kelso printed silk cravat paired with a Hadrian woven silk pocket square introduces two different textures, colours and patterns to a very simple navy suit that really makes the whole ensemble come alive.

Here are more mismatched cravat and pocket square pairings that work well:

1. Donald Cravat with Vlad Pocket Square

2. Eikki Cravat with Sinclair Pocket Square

3. Raul Cravat with Hunter Reversible Pocket Square (on the reverse side)

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