iPad issue 4 is ready to download!

Discover Britain's lost villages, enter a room that houses 900 frozen brains and unearth the secret chambers that saved countless priests in the 16th century...

Issue 4 of Ernest Journal...

  • Explores northern towns by way of historical alleyways, snickets, ginnels, jitties, gitties and shuts
  • Reveals how one man's ingenious craftsmanship and derring-do saved countless lives in the 16th century
  • Enters a room filled with 900 frozen brains
  • Searches for Britain's 3,000 deserted settlements – silent, empty and awaiting our return
  • Investigates the mysterious and macabre world of bone collecting
  • Follows a group of re-enactors as they pay tribute to the men who fought on Gold Beach, Normandy in 6 June 1944
  • Puts three types of shaving razors to the test
  • Explores the history of the humble duffle coat
  • Delves into historic tea rituals from around the world

iPad issue 4 of Ernest Journal is available to download now.