Coming soon to a festival near you...

This summer, Ernest is hitting the road with appearances at L’Eroica Britannia, Port Eliot Festival and Wilderness. Join us…

Our repurposed bookcase, L'Eroica Britannia. Photo: Thom Heald. Fabric by the awesome  Tradescant & Son

Our repurposed bookcase, L'Eroica Britannia. Photo: Thom Heald. Fabric by the awesome Tradescant & Son

L’Eroica Britannia, Bakewell, Peak District, 20-22 June

A couple of weeks ago we hosted an Ernest Journal marketplace at this new three-day cycling festival in the Peak District. Together with our friends at Millican, Houndworthy and [Vinegar & Brown Paper], we peddled our wares to a motley crew of tweed-wearing tandem riders, merino-clad road cyclists, steampunks, dapper gents and Doris Day look-a-likes. Along the way, we made friends with tea alchemists, board game inventors and a host of makers, and filled our heads with more than a few feature ideas. Download our upcoming iPad issue three to meet the heroes who rode 100km over the Peaks on pre-1987 bikes.

Port Eliot Festival, St Germans, Cornwall, 24-27 July

Sipsmith (and their award-winning spirits) are back this year with their Sipping Quarter to lift the spirits of any ardent gin lover – and this year they’ve partnered with the gentlefolk over at Ernest Journal to craft the perfect sipping space by the Walled Garden. Discerning drinkers will be able to sip a Sipsmith G&T or cocktail in a beautiful outdoor library, while leafing through Ernest’s first edition, browsing vintage books and embarking on a game or two created for the most of enquiring minds. Or they can simply sit back and soak up the sunshine.

Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park, Oxford, 7-10 August

Ernest Journal, a companion for the curious and adventurous, have teamed up with the Odditorium  a portal into the fringes of culture; its mavericks and pranksters, adventurers and occultists, graphic novelists and eroticists. Between talks by Sony Award-winning broadcasters, leading occultists, best-selling authors and comic-book heroes, we will be manning Odditorium's little shop of curiosity. Browse our library of natural history and scientific wonder, purchase oddities, trinkets and kickshaws, play 18th-century board games, test your knowledge of collective nouns and archaic slang and marvel at weird and wonderful dioramas. All washed down with tea and biscuits. Stay a while.

A few shots from our events so far...

Photos: Jo Keeling, Hanson Leatherby, Thom Heald.