The menagerie

Cicadas in bell jars, dried frogs in picture frames, swans nesting among vintage books and a polar bear in the bathroom: Liddie Holt has created a wild kingdom in her Somerset home

Photo: Jesse Wild

Photo: Jesse Wild

Liddie Holt, international supermodel turned artist and furniture maker, has been living in her Georgian wild kingdom in Somerset with her husband Harry for eight years.

Features editor Abi went to visit her one baking hot afternoon and they sipped tea, surrounded by Liddie's gigantic wolfhounds and deerhounds in what she called the music room. 

Liddie has been collecting curio and antiques since her modelling heyday in the 80s and 90s, with a particular penchant for Victorian stuffed creatures.

Her home isn't for the faint-hearted, unaccustomed to seeing wall-to-wall feathers, scales and skins, even a polar bear rug on the bathroom floor, but those in awe of the electric blue shimmer of a kingfisher’s feathers, the metallic hues of a cicada and the intricate beauty of a cod’s skull, would find Liddie’s world truly exhilarating.

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