The great defender

Behold the jacket that will keep you sane in Britain's manic weather

Signature Jacket, BEE, £300

Signature Jacket, BEE, £300

If you live in Britain, the weather hates you. Yes you, personally – don’t look over your shoulder hoping that it’s someone else the weather hates. It’s you.

The proof is in its behaviour. Have a birthday picnic planned at the beach? Forget it. Looking forward to getting some sun on your week off work? You may as well spend the week punching yourself in the face and save the weather the trouble.

Luckily, BEE is here to help. The Signature jacket is crafted from Blenheim fabric, which has the look of an oilskin but a softer cotton feel. It’s reversible and will feel just right, whatever the weather decides to throw at you. 

Signature jacket, BEE, £300,

Extract from Inventory in iPad issue 3. Download the issue now!